A. Neely Hall Productions

Craft Patterns for woodworkers

Updated December 09, 2018

Welcome! We are a private collector of vintage woodworking patterns. And this web site is our collection of woodworking patterns that were produced by A. Neely Hall Productions (ANHP). Now considered vintage style woodworking plans, we like to believe that some of these traditional style woodworking projects never go out of fashion.

We are not ANHP and neither do not represent to be ANHP. We were selling some of the patterns in our online stores with an agreement we had in place with Brian Smith, who claimed to be the copyright owner under the business name, Craft Patterns. We bought some inventory from him and sold it in our online stores.

With regards to our private collection, it is our hope to use this web site along with the help of past customers and visitors to this web page to help us gather up copies that are in good to excellent condition. Please take a look at the numerical list below and if you have a paper plan that is not listed, we are interested in purchasing your copy, so long as its original (no photocopies please), in good condition, for a reasonable fee and mailing cost too.
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We look high and low for these patterns. Whether its online at eBay or Craigslist, estate sales, old book stores and flea markets. As we have gathered up our collection, we have accumulated quite a few spares because ANHP used to sell many of its projects in packets (bundles). And most of what we are seeing that has survived over the decades are packets of patterns, in different combinations. Sometimes we have to purchase a whole packet of plans just to get one we are looking for. As we purchase from others, we grade the condition and keep the best copy for ourselves. We are now working on selling the spares to help continue to fund our collection efforts of originals we do not have. So if you see a plan name below that is hyperlinked to our online store, you will see that spare copy available to purchase. Keep in mind that we will be selling the spares in their original condition, while some will be in perfect condition, some will be in lesser condition, while others may be written or traced on or there may even be parts missing. We will disclose the condition as best we can so that you can make an accurate decision to purchase.

About A. Neely Hall Productions

So far as we know, ANHP was one of the longest running craft pattern series. Since the early 1900's they were a family oriented business creating over one thousand woodworking plans and craft patterns. ANHP designed craft patterns that range from the simplest toys and birdhouses, to more complex projects kitchen cabinets, outdoor and indoor furniture, cottages, sheds and other home improvement projects.


If you are interested in purchasing this entire collection, we will provide the domain name at no charge. Contact Jim Barry at woodworkingplans (at) gmail.com for discussion.

Here is our current collection, linked names mean we might have spares available. Click the link to check for availability.
100 Play Pen for Baby
102 Four-Pipe Humidor
105 Birdhouses - Wren Cottage with Thatched Roof, Wren Cabin, Wren Prairie Schooner 3 pattern pkg
106 Birdhouses - Bluebird Box, Wren House and Robin Shelter
107 Birdhouses - Round House, Schooner, Linoleum Wren House, Bungalow
108 A Clown Clothes Rack (color print)
109 3 Birdhouses, Wren Temple, Wren Hut and Bluebird Tower
110 Giraffe Valet
111 Junior Shoe Rack
112 K-9 Toy Chest
113 Nursery Clock without Tick Tock and Merit Board
114 Childs Elephant Bedside Step Stool
116 Knitting Bag
117 Low Back Early American Bench
118 Sewing Screen
119 Plant Holders and Shelves - 4 designs
120 Window Valances - The Portsmouth, The Concord, The Plymouth and the Lexington
121 Plant Shelves - The Salem , The Dover, The Trenton and The Bangor
122 Window Valances - The Manchester, The Nantucket, The Newport, The Manchester
125 Small Novelty Shelves - Bathing Girl, Ship, Squirrel
126 A Telephone Console with Memo Blackboard (currently points to 165 because a copy of 126 is on the back of 165 which we are also selling, 2 for 1)
127 Inside Outside Complete Garden
128 Cactus Wall Bracket
129 Corner Shelf
130 Spool Whatnot Shelf
131 Corner What Not Shelf
132 Dairy Barn Whatnot Shelf
133 Book Shelves
134 Stairway to the Stars Plant Shelf
135 Sunburst Shelves
136 Doll Cabinet or Shadow Box
137 Knick Knack Shelf
138 Octagonal Shadow Box
139 Phone Shelf
144 A Family Mail Rack and Planter
145 Family Mail Rack
146 Scroll Shelves
147 Clock Shelf and Ivy Shelf
148 Early American Corner Shelf
149 Wall Book Shelf
150 An Early American Wall Hutch Which Everbody Admires
152 High Style Hope Chest
154 Antique Planter Mail-Racks
155 Three Antique Gift Items
156 Antique Shelves For Spice Cans and Knick-Knacks
157 Corner Medicine Cabinet (aka Corner Wall Cabinet)
158 What-Not of Antique Design
159 Telephone and Directory Shelf
160 A Three Panel Basket Weave Screen
162 Accessory Chest (revised)
165 A Magazine Rack Adds to a Room's Decor
168 Window Cornice Boxes
170 Valance Board
171 2 Valance Designs: Monterey and Gloucester
175 Portable Sewing Box
176 A Portable Sewing Cabinet
177 A Sewing Cabinet with Chest and Drawers
178 Sturdy Portable Sewing Cabinet
181 Colonial Curio Shelves
182 A Sewing Machine Cabinet that Converts to a Desk
183 Sewing Cabinet and Desk
184 Home Sewing Center
185 Dressing Table
186 Dressing Table Stool
187 Display Your Prized Collection in This Handsome Cabinet
189 Shadow Box Wall Cabinet
190 Antique Wall Hutch with Built-in Desk
192 Dry Sink
193 Bedroom Storage Cabinets
194 Adaptable Built-In Desk (195 on other side)
195 Shoe and Hat Closet (194 on other side)
196 Night Table with Drawer
198 Headboard with Built in Night Tables
199 Headboard with Shelves
200 Western Pine Closet Organizer (aka Built-In Closet)
201 On-A-Door Closet
202 Personal Grooming Plans, Shoe Shine, Hat Stand, Tie Rack, Clothes Hanger
203 Wardrobe with Dovetail Trays
204 Storage Wall
208 Hollywood Headboard and Bed
209 3 Birdhouses - An 18 Room Martin House, A 30 Room Martin House and A 13 Room Martin House
210 Night Table and Cabinet
211 Yacht Weather Vane
213 Early Bird Weather Vane
214 Posey Windmill
215 Flying Duck Windmill
216 Dutch Windmill
216 Dutch Windmill (2nd version)
217 A Toy Dutch Mill and An Airplane Windmill
218 Old Dutch Windmill
219 A Kicking Mule Windmill
220 Fisherman Windmill
221 Washwoman Windmill (December 14, 1947)
223 2 Lamps, a Childs Drum Lamp and a Childs Lamp and Costume Rack
224 Nautical Lamp
225 Colonial Bridge Lamp
226 Floor Lamp of Striated Plywood
228 Colorful Woodpecker Windmill
229 Table Lamp with Book Rack
230 Tomcat Windmill
231 Woodchopper Windmill
232 Wood Sawing Windmill
233 Bronco Buster Windmill
234 Humidor and Pipe Rack
235 Cigarette Chest
238 Relax in Comfort with this Footstool
241 Fireplace Screen
242 Cricket Footstool
243 Fiddle Top Cricket Footstool
245 A Tilt-Top Hutch Table
246 A Magazine Table and File Cabinet (also numbered 246)
247 End Table
249 A Record Cabinet
251 A Magazine Basket
253 Book Rack
254 End Table
255 Telephone Stand
256 A Modern End Table
257 Bookcase Secretary
261 Occasional Table
262 Corner Table
263 Modern Coffee Table
264 Lamp Table
266 Cabinet for Double Flat-Rim Sink
267 Kitchen Cabinet plans
268 Wall Cabinets for Above Kitchen
271 A Modern Lavatory Counter-Top and Enclosure
272 Shoe Shine Step Stool
274 A Hamper Cabinet and A Drawer Cabinet
275 Lavatory Cabinet
276 Bathroom Rack
277 Clothes Hamper
278 Base Cabinet Unit (includes bonus pattern 278)
279 Wall Cabinet Unit
280 Cabinet Sink
281 Base Cabinet
282 Wall Shelves
283 Kitchen U-Shaped Work Center
284 Lazy Susan Cabinet
285 Lazy Susan Pantry
286 Dinette Set
287 Drop Leaf Table
290 Drop Leaf Table
291 The Pilgrim Corner Cabinet
292 The Puritan Corner Cabinet
293 Pioneer Corner Cabinet
294 Eat-Spot and Phone Centre
295 Modern Hutch Cabinet (see 1322)
296 Junior Hutch Bench
297 Junior Chair (tab and slot design, goes with 298)
298 Junior Table (tab and slot design, goes with 297)
300 Small Kitchen Wall and Base Cabinets
302 Bookcase and Bench
306 A Fairy Story Wren Hut
308 Birdhouses for Wrens - Gable, Crib and Manor
309 A Bluebird Cottage, A Wren Hut, A Woodpecker Tower - 3 pattern set
310 A Modern Martin House of Thirteen Rooms (February 2, 1952)
311 An Eighteen Room Martin House
311 An Eighteen Room Martin House (2nd version)
312 Thirty Room Martin House
313 A Ranch Type of Martin House
314 Modern Martin House with Thirteen Rooms
315 A Fifteen Room Martin Birdhouse Tower
316 The Conyne Kite, Kite Messenger, The Bow Kite
318 Bluebird Houses
319 Woodpecker Birdhouse
321 Birdhouses - Build for Birds
322 Birdhouses - Three Unique Bird Houses
323 Birdhouses - A Wren Hut, Robin Shelter, Wren Log Cabin, Wren Tepee
324 Birdhouses - Bark Ark, Stone Cottage and Bark Shack
326 A Greenhouse that Grows 6 x8ft
327 Ann Sothern's Attractive Window Garden in Her Home in Hollywood
328 Window Greenhouse
332 Cushioned Knee Bench (for the garden)
331 Concrete Lawn Roller
334 Garden Hose Reel (original pattern number, dated 6-15-1949)
334 Rolltop Breadbox
338 Junior Wheelbarrow
339 Seed Flats and Plant Table
340 Garden Tool House
346 Add a Patio for Outdoor Living
352 Connecticut Mirror Clock
354 Roomy Storage Cabinets for your Bathroom
355 Book Shelf Radiator Cover
356 Window Seat Radiator Cover (date stamped 1-16-1949)
358 Bookshelf-Storage Unit
359 Compact Record Cabinet
360 Picturesque Wall Clock
361 Halifax Bracket Clock
362 Grandfather Clock
363 Graceful Hall Clock
364 A Fine Grandfathers Clock
365 Antique Wall Clock and Planter
366 Colonial Wall Clock
367 Decorator Wall Clock
368 Minute Man Shelf Clock
370 A Barometer Gives Home a Decorative Accent
372 Decorative Planter Clock
374 Apothecary Cabinet
375 A Pair of Lyre Planters
376 Canned Foods Cabinet
377 Knotty Pine Cabinets - Lower Base
378 Knotty Pine Cabinets - Wall Unit
379 Eli Terry Shelf Clock
380 Lavatory Cabinet with Extended Shelf
382 Roll-Around Kitchen Unit
383 Offset Doors Keep Cabinets Dust-Free (Wall Cabinet)
384 Offset Doors Keep Cabinets Dust-Free (Base Cabinet)
385 Wall Cabinets and Overlay Doors
386 Base Cabinets and Drawers
387 Base Cabinet for Range and Oven Units
389 A Utility Kitchen Cabinet
390 A Cabinet for a Mixing Center
394 Bow Dial Bracket Clock
397 Breakfast Tabler or Server
400 Plant Cart for Indoors and Out (date stamped 1/6/1952)
402 A Lawn Planter on Wheels
402 Daisy Wheel Planter Cart (revised)
403 Novelty Plant Stand
404 A Lawn Planter and Divider
405 A Barrow Planter for Potted Plants
406 Gable Gateway with Picket Gate and Fence
407 Pergola for a Lawn Entrance
408 Gateway Pergola with Seats
409 Rose Trellis and Gateway
411 Cat and Dog Trellis
412 Garden Stakes
413 Lawn Saw-Out - Little Girl watering flowers
414 Children Lawn Cutouts - Pup and Hydrant
415 Traffic Cop Lawn Saw-Out
416 Sleeping Mexican Lawn Saw-Out
418 Sun Bonnet Sue Trellis
420 Trellis - 12 designs included
421 Gateways - 6 designs including The Cape Cod, The Pergola, The Tulip, The Wheel, The Vista and The Grille
422 Garden Arches - 6 designs
423 Three Attractive Plant Boxes
424 Flower Boxes - The Tulip, The American Emblem, The Round Nose, The Saw Tooth
425 Plant Shelves - The Montrose, The Roseville, The Wooddale
426 Plant Baskets - Dowel Stick Corral, Rustic Basket, Oaken Bucket
428 Four-Wing Plant Stand
430 Built-On Pergola (see 811)
433 Crossbuck Fence
434 Herringbone Fence or Railing
440 A Dog's Bed
441 A Dog's Snack Bar, A Biscuit Dispenser
442 Insulated Kennel
443 Quaint Grist Mill and Water Wheel for your Garden
450 Popular Poultry House
444 An Approved Rabbit Trap to Protect your Garden
456 Curio Cabinet
457 Oak Secretary
464 Redwood Planter with Valance
465 Planters for Patios and Windows
466 Redwood Hanging Baskets
467 Redwood Planter Tree
470 Woven Fence Gives Privacy To Patio
472 Versatile Patio Fence
473 Sturdy Fence Forms Interesting Planting Bays
474 Sanitary Privy with Wood Floor
475 Sanitary Privy with Concrete Floor and Riser
477 A Modern Shoe Cabinet with Shutter Panel Doors
478 A Bedroom Built-On Closet
480 Space-Saving Storage Cabinets
481 Handy Clothes Rack
482 Tilt-Front Record Cabinet
486 Cabinet Base with Plant Stand on top
487 Storage Wall Cabinet and Shelves
490 A Simple Room-Divider with base Cabinet
492 Free-Standing Storage Unit
494 Unit or Wall-to-Wall Bookcase
497 Telephone Rack with Shelves and Drawer
499 Trestle Benches
501 Rustic Bridge
502 Shaker-Style Clock
505 Gate Signs - Fawn and Squirrel
508 An Early American Planter
510 Rustic Furniture - Bench with Straight Back, Bench with Sloping Back, Rustic Chair, Bench with Fan-Shaped Back, Log Bench, Backless Bench and Stump Seat
512 Balance Planter
513 Wishing Well Planter
515 Plant Well and Bird Shelter
515 Plant Well and Bird Shelter (2nd version)
516 Wishing Well
517 Wishing Well
518 Bird Baths and a Lily Pool made of Concrete
519 Classical Concrete Bird Bath
520 Wishing Well Planter
524 City Mail Box - Squirrel
525 Covered Wagon Rural Mail Box
526 Uncle Sam Mailbox or Flag Holder (revised to contain 526 and 527)
527 Uncle Sam Mailbox (lower half, needs original 526 upper half)
529 Bird Bath Planter
530 Lawn Ornament - Dogs Tug o War House Address Sign
531 Lawn Ornament - Sunbonnet Twins holder House Number Sign
533 Lawn Ornament - Pointer Dog House Number
534 Lawn Ornament - Black Cat House Number Sign
535 Lawn Ornament - Squirrel House Number Sign
537 Scottie House Number
538 Horse and Buggy Silhouette (mailbox topper)
542 Police Dog Silhouette
544 Granary Style Feeder
550 Window Shutters
551 Barn Bird Feeder
554 Wooden Lamp Post of Modern Lines
557 Woodpecker Door Knocker
558 Build This Distinctive Screen Door
559 Dutch Doors
560 Door Canopy with Trellis
563 Door Canopy with Valance
565 Wooden Window Awning
566 Window Awnings Easily Built of Wood
568 A Plywood Door Canopy
569 A Plywood Gable Canopy
575 Keep Cool with 30 inch Attic Fan
580 Little Red Barn Stores Tools
586 Handsome Garage Is Roomy
597 Gothic Alphabet
603 Camper Storage Chest (goes with 604)
604 3 Styles of Camping Stools (goes with 603)
606 Patio Bench
608 Kidney-Shaped Benches
609 Lawn Party Cart
612 Picnic Table
614 Table with Built-In Benches
616 Table and Bench Set (for Outdoor Barbeque House 675)
617 Roll Around Table
619 The Barrow Bar is Clever
621 Portable Table and Benches
622 3 Picnic Table Sets
623 Saw-Buck Table and Benches
624 Table for Four (June 20, 1948)
625 Plywood Skiff
626 Plywood V-Bottom Boat - part A (goes with 627)
627 Plywood V-Bottom Boat - part B (goes with 626)
628 A Flat-Bottomed Rowboat
629 Plywood Rowboat
630 Little Giant Pram Boat
631 Teal Water Craft - part A
632 Teal Water Craft - part B
633 Junior Dingy for Rowing, Outboard Motoring or Sailing - part A
634 Junior Dingy for Rowing, Outboard Motoring or Sailing - part B
635 Sail for Junior Dingy 633/634
636 12 foot Sailboat - part A
637 12 foot Sailboat - part B (see 636)
638 12 ft Sailboat with Spirit Rig (see 636)
640 Diving Float
641 V-Bottom Runabout Boat - part A
642 V-Bottom Roundabout Boat (see 641)
643 Semi-V Bottom Boat (goes with 644)
644 Semi-V Bottom Boat (goes with 643)
645 Ski-board
646 Bicycle Boat
647 Roomy Two-and-a-Half Car Garage
648 10 Built-Ins: Cottage and Attic Built-Ins: Shoe Rack, Telephone Shelf, Magazine Rack, Hat and Coat Rack, Utility Shelf, Gun Rack, Fishing Pole Rack, Shaving Mirror and Cabinet, Match-Box Holder (see 664)
649 Craft Patterns for Fishermen
650 Wall Gun Rack
651 Duck Decoys
655 Gun Cabinet
656 Building Plan - A Hazel Dell Brown designed Budget Cottage 28x24 ft (go with 657)
657 Building Plan - A Hazel Dell Brown designed Budget Cottage 28x24 ft (go with 656)
658 A Gun Display Cabinet
659 Four Gun Rack with Shelf
660 Building Plan - A Cabin That Grew 32.5x19.5 ft
661 Building Plan - Three Room Full-Log Cabin
662 Building Plan - Cabin Floor plans for The Adirondack, The Piney Ridge, The Alleghany and The North Woods
663 Building Plan - Week-end Lodge
664 Building Plan - Cape Cod Cottage 31.5x15 ft
665 Building Plan - Honeymoon Cottage
667 Building Plan - A Hazel Dell Brown designed Vacation Home 20x24 ft
668 Building Plan - The Egg Crate Window House
669 Building Plan - Hip Roof Garage
671 Building Plan - Two-Car Utility Garage (July 29, 1947)
672 Building Plan - Garage Cottage (February 15, 1948)
674 Add a Garden House to your Garage
675 BBQ Outdoor Room
675 Barbeque House
677 Baby Sleigh
677 Build This Sleek Two-Car Garage
678 Clean-Cut Flush-Gable Garage
681 Two Car Garage with Eaves Overhang
682 This Modern Garage May Have Singel or Double Doors
683 Build This Two-Car Garage with Overhang Gable
687 Two-Car Garage with Side Entrance
690 Sports Trailer - Part 1
691 Sports Trailer - Part 2
692 A Bustle to Lengthen a Garage
694 A One or Two-Car Garage with Flat Roof
695 One Car Garage and Breezeway
697 Garage and Workshop
698 Garage with Porch 19 x 22 ft
699 Two Car Garage with Gable Overhang
700 A Backyard Wading Pool
703 Childrens Slide
704 Modern Playhouse
705 Rocker Seesaw
706 Sandbox, Pool and Shower, Outdoor Playroom - 3 pattern set
707 Keep Em Swinging (Childrens Airplane Swing)
708 Swings, Teeter and Gym Bars
709 Patio Wheel Lounge
710 Wheelbarrow Chair
711 Hollywood Roll-Around Lounge
713 Hollywood Lawn Lounge, pictured with film movie star Glenda Farrell
714 Aquaboard
715 Canopied Roll Around Lounge Chair, pictured with Belita, film star from 1940's, lounging in a bathing suit.
717 Study Desk
718 Wall Desk - fold down front
719 Double Decker Bunks for Cottage or Attic, Modern Bed without Head or Foot
720 Fold-Away Dinette Set and Woodpecker Door Knocker
721 Lawn Sticks - Pelican and Crow Lawn Ornaments
723 Fishin Jimmie Lawn Saw-Out
724 Lawn Saw-Out Hoe Henry
725 Lawn Saw-Out Hens and Chicks
726 Dude Rancher Lawn Saw-Out
727 Roll Around Chair with canopy
727 Fishin Jimmie Laws Saw Out (plan number same as one above)
728 Barrel-Back Lawn Chair (17th printing)
729 Lawn Rocker (Sling Chair)
730 Lawn Chair for child and adult
731 V-frame Benches
733 Swinging Seat, pictured with film movie star June Lang
734 Beach Bench
735 Sturdy Bench - concrete supports and curved seat
736 Lawn Love Seat
738 Folding Contoured Lawn Chair
739 Round-A-Tree Seat
740 Johnny Doughboy Lawn Saw-Out
742 Sailor Boys Gob Fence
743 Children Lawn Cutouts - Tug O War with sunbonnet babies
744 Children Lawn Cutouts - Party Fence Boys
747 Lawn Saw-Out Rooster
748 Sambo Lawn Sign for House Address
749 A Lawn or Patio Bench plus a matching Lawn Chair
750 Patio Table
751 Adjustable Redwood Chair
752 Redwood 2 seater
753 Practical Playhouse is Easily Moved and Stored
757 Rocket Swing
758 Playhouse for Fun Now and Storage Later
759 Roll-Around Swing
763 Covered Wagon Lounge
766 Knock Down Lawn Chair
767 This Lawn Chair Knocks Down for Simplified Storing
767 Adirondack Lawn Chair (revision of 767)
768 The Knock Down Double Lawn Seat Simplfies Storing
770 Flamingo Birds
771 Lawn Sticks - Birds in 6 patterns
773 Animal Shields for Garden Lighting
775 Swing Support
776 Swing Seat
777 A Tete-A-Tete Lawn Set built of Redwood (1957)
778 Lawn Chair
779 Patio Table Units
790 Garden Dinette
791 Garden Dinette, goes with (see 790)
792 Bench Plan (2 benches equal 1/4 circle)
793 Lawn Platform Rocker
794 Tilt Back Lawn Chair
796 Drop-Leaf Table for Patio or Lawn
797 Lawn Glider
798 Vine Covered Arbor
799 Glider Swing
800 All Set for Happy Housekeeping (Child Playhouse)
803 A Kayak Canoe
804 The Albatross Toy Sailboat
805 Patricia 9 inch Catboat Toy Sailboat
808 Making the Jungle Gym and Slide
810 Game Equipment - Shuffle Board Ashore, Dart Target, Frog Ball and Bean Bag Game
811 BBQ Pits - The Ranger, The Pilot
812 Portable Fireplace Mantle with Fieldstone
813 Fireplace Mantle Portable (Colonial)
819 Barbeque for Patio or Lawn
820 The Vulcan Outdoor Fireplace and the Mercury Outdoor Fireplace
821 Tea Cart Grill
822 The Hollywood Patio Barbecue Fireplace
824 Fireplaces, The Chef, The Stewart, The Gypsy
825 A Flat Bow
826 Arrow Making Finger Tab Arm Guard Quiver
827 Archery Ground Target
828 An Archery Tackle Rack
831 Fine Rack Keeps Archery Tackle in Good Shape
833 A Portable Shuffleboard
834 Playground Favorite for your Yard
835 Sturdy Monkey-Bar Set
838 Doll Love Buggy
842 Brick BBQ
844 Wheelbarrow Center Piece for Flowers, Candy, Nuts or Fruit
846 A Simple Barbeque (made of brick)
848 A Barbeque and Incinerator
850 A De Luxe Barbeque
851 Patio Coffee Table
854 Kettle Grill Caddy
857 Redwood garden Bench (need to confirm #)
858 Redwood Lounge
860 Paving Your Patio
875 A Playhouse in the Sky
877 Playhouse Storage Shed
885 Utility Carport
886 Multi Purpose Garage
900 (and 901) Victory Room in Basement - Mantel and Cabinet, Decorations, Game Equipment, Snack Bar, Benches and Table
901 (and 900) Victory Room in Basement - Mantel and Cabinet, Decorations, Game Equipment, Snack Bar, Benches and Table
901 Table Tennis Table, Cabinet for the Rumpus Room, Portable Bar
906 Modern Floor-Mounted Bar
907 Modernize The Coal Bin (Release 8-29-1948)
907 Quick to Build Plywood Bar
909 Building the Attic Room or Rooms
910 Dormer Alcove
911 Gabel Bunk - Bunk bed built into gable end of attic
912 Ships Cabin Double Decker Bunks (see 911)
920 Back Saving Laundry Cart
921 Guest Luggage Rack or Lawn Serving Table
921 Quilt Rack
924 A Modern Youth Bed
931 A New Slant on Bars
936 Medium-Sized Pool Table is Economical to Build
937 Regulation Size Pool Table
939 Table Tennis Accessory Rack
940 Tennis Table
941 A Rolling Foldaway Tennis (ping pong) Table
945 Basement Recreation Room
946 Bar for the Recreation Room
951 A Knotty Pine Snack Bar with Sink
954 Drum Music designed Home Bar
955 A Cabinet for Card Table and Chairs
957 A Family Room for your Basement
961 A Matching Pair of Modern Cabinets
963 Handy Book Shelves
965 Paneled Hope Chest
965 Paneled Hope Chest (revised)
971 Decorative Bookcase
972 Corner Bookcase
974 Lawn Platform Rocker
980 Record Storage Cabinet
983 Elegant Campaign Furniture, 5 Drawer Dresser
984 Elegant Campaign Furniture, Book Shelf Unit
988 Curio Cabinet for Your Prize Collections
989 Decorative Music Stand
993 Hutch and Bookcase
998 Six Gun Cabinet with Drawers
1001 Flying Goose Bird Feeder
1004 A Colonial Doll Bungalow (goes with 1005)
1005 A Colonial Doll Bungalow (goes with 1004)
1006 Novelty stick for Indoor Garden, Plant box fence and gate, Mexican for cactus garden
1008 Bird Feeder with Hopper and Suet Rack
1010 Bird Feeder No. 1010
1011 Nesting Material Depots
1012 Birdfeeders - The Silo, The Crib
1013 Four Bird Feeding Shelter - The Goose Turn Table, The Nut Hut, The Inn and The Suet Bar
1015 Boys Book Shelf
1016 Bookcase Eames Era
1016 Window Bookcase
1017 Book Ends - Wagon and Oxen
1019 Pier Bookcase, Scout Bookcase
1018 Nursery Book Shelf
1021 Nursery Book Shelf, Boy's Book Shelf (Cowboy bucking horse)
1021 Dachshund Book Ends
1020 Top for a Scout Bookcase, Nursery Book Shelf, Boys Book Shelf, Pier Bookcase, Window Bookcase - 5 pattern set
1024 Panda Book Rack
1025 Sectional Bookcase
1026 Unit Bookcase (1016 on the back)
1027 Craftsman Workbench, Junior Bench, Kitchen Table Bench Top, Heavy Duty Work Bench
1030 Materials Drawers and Racks
1031 A Deluxe Cabinet for Hand Tools
1033 Tool Stand With Drawers
1032 A Tool Caddy
1034 Cabinet Workbench
1035 Fitting Up a Workshop for your Needs
1036 Work Bench and Base Cabinets
1037 Wall Tool Cabinet
1038 Work-Bench for Junior
1039 Five Foot Workbench
1040 Heavy Duty Workbench
1042 4 Duck Plaques
1043 A Power-Tool Stand of Plywood
1045 King-Size Storage Workbench
1047 Step Shelves
1048 Colonial Bookcase
1049 Corner Book Tower
1050 Clipper Ship Model Hull
1051 Clipper Ship Model Rigging
1052 Clipper Ship Model Finishing
1059 Large Capacity Bird Feeder Squirrel Proof
1060 Window Bird Feeder
1061 Unique Bird Feeder is Easy to Fill
1062 Three Easy-to-Build Feeders
1065 Snow Man or Snow Lady
1066 Girl and Boy Snow People
1070 Silver Lighted Tree
1074 Toy Solider
1078 Quick Chick Windmill
1081 Diamond Decorator Clock
1083 Steeple Clock
1084 School Clock for your Home
1085 Twin Steeple Shelf Clock
1086 Its Easy to Build This O G Clock
1092 Chalet Bird Feeder
1098 Santas Workshop Building
1100 Quilt Frame
1101 Duck Sewing Kit
1102 Dog Spool Holder
1103 A Sewing Box, A Spool Holder, A Sewing Cabinet, A Sewing Kit
1105 Cobbler Case for Knitting
1106 Cobbler's Bench
1107 Sewing Cabinet
1108 The Garage and Breezeway (11-12-1950)
1109 The Garage and Breezeway Dollhouse Parts Kit (green shutters, die-cut sash, door facings and brick for breezeway) (kit for 1108)
1110 Dollhouse (parts for 1108)
1111 Dollhouse (parts for 1108)
1112 Dollhouse (parts for 1108)
1113 Piggy Meat Board
1115 Soap Pitcher
1116 The Pup Has The Ball (ball of string holder)
1117 Knife Rack
1117 A Ship Rack, The Chef Checks the Kitchen Needs, A Soap Pitcher, The Pup Has the Ball (also numbered at 1117)
1120 The Chef Checks the Kitchen Needs
1121 Pony Straddle Stick
1122 Swan Rocker
1123 Rock em Cowboy
1124 Colonial Doll Cradle
1125 Seasick Landlubber and The Waggle Pup Pull Toy
1126 The Grasshopper Pull Toy
1127 The Pecking Hens Mechanical Toy
1128 High Chair
1128 Sambo Jitterbug
1132 Roly-Poly Pony
1133 Pony Rocker
1134 Choo-Choo Push toy
1135 All Wood Wagon
1136 Duck and Ducklings Pull Toy
1137 Waddling Ducking
1139 Doll Ranch House (complete kit)
1140 Kitchen Appliances (plan number revised to 1140)
1140 Simple Gifts for Children to Make, Scottie will Guard an Open Door, Kitchen Orders of the Day, Book Trough, Key Rack (original plan number)
1140 Clown Marionette and Hand Puppet
1142 Animal Pull Toy - Leo Lion
1145 Marionette Theater - Stage, Curtain, Drops and Lights
1147 Comical Birds that walk and quack
1148 Child-Size Playhouse Appliances - Stove and Sink Cabinet
1149 Child Size Playhouse Appliances - Fridge and Hutch Cabinet
1150 A Cloth Pupper (original A. Neely Hall number)
1150 Childs Table and Chairs (revised Craft Pattern number)
1151 Childs Chair
1152 Childs Table
1153 Childs Chair
1155 Victorian Doll House
1158 Firehouse pattern
1160 1890 Doll House Packet
1164 Rock-a-bye-baby Doll Cradle
1168 Makes Choo-Choo Push Toy
1170 12 Cookie Cutters
1171 The Chef Will Hold Your Paper Towels
1173 Spoon Rack
1175 A Modern Spice Cabinet
1176 Spoon Rack and Planter
1177 Single Tier Planter Spoon Rack
1180 Sewing Chest Tote Box
1181 A Fold-Up Sewing Chest
1182 Attractive Homes for Your Spices
1184 Attractive Homes For Your Spices
1185 Swiss Dollhouse Chalet
1186 Doll House Furniture
1186 Doll House Furniture (1976 version) including clear plastic white window grids, plastic flowers and color decals
1186 Doll House Furniture (1977 version, missing page 1)
1190 A Spirited Pony that Gallops and Trots
1194 Styrofoam Christmas Tree with Card Cutouts
1195 Pendant Ball Ornament
1196 Christmas Card Tree
1197 Tear-Drop Ornament and Holiday Bowl
1200 Musical Sleigh for Table or Mantle
1201 Dollhouse Furniture - Living Room and Dining Room
1202 Christmas Manger
1203 Christmas Pixie Coach
1205 32 inch Santa Claus with Parachute
1206 Candle Light Tree, Wise Men Christmas Diorama, Candle Sentinels - 5 projects total
1207 Santa Clause and Reindeer Diorama 16 inches
1208 Dollhouse Furniture - Bedroom, Kitchen and Bathroom
1209 Musical Church (November 27, 1949)
1209 Quaint Little Musical Church (same as previous just a different name)
1209 Lighted Church with Cathedral window
1210 Greeting Cards Tree
1213 Christmas Lighting Effects
1214 Christmas Centerpiece
1215 Christmas Tree Ornaments - 24 double sided Colored Patterns
1218 Santa Sleigh Color Print (but what we have is an incomplete set of prints)
1220 Miniature Mantle and Fireplace, Colored Patterns, Colored Pattern
1225 Christmas Candle Stick
1228 Scene of the Nativity 1/4 life size
1229 3 Block Puzzles - Three Ring Block, The Ten Piece Puzzle, The Pegboard Puzzle
1229 Holly Christmas Tree Centerpiece
1230 3 Block Puzzles - Battleship, Pistol, Ambulance
1231 3 Block Puzzles - Airplane, Locomotive, Bank
1232 4 Block Puzzles - Snap Block, Jumping Peg, Coin Changer and Magic Pinwheel
1233 Reindeer Color Print (2 sheets)
1234 Santa Color Print (2 sheets)
1235 Reversible Poker-Table Top
1236 A Poker Table with Commercial Legs
1239 Arched Trellis with Seating
1250 Model Railroad Depot
1251 Model Railroad Train Tunnel, Tank and Bridge
1251 Tunnel, Tank and Bridge
1254 Christmas Carolers
1255 New Horizons (table) for Model Railroad
1256 Christmas Bears
1257 Mrs Clause checking the list Color Print (2 sheets)
1259 Building Saw-Outs
1260 Table Size Farm House (goes with Model Barn and Silo 1261)
1261 Model Farm - Barn and Silo (goes with Model Farm - Farmhouse 1260)
1262 Model Farm Stock
1264 Christmas Reindeer
1266 Shimmering 16 inch Wreath
1270 Juniors First Train Outfit - Locomotive, Tender and Coach
1271 Juniors First Train Outfit - Freight Car, Gondola Car, Tank Car and Caboose
1276 Wood Toys 7 inch Heavy Duty Truck, 5 inch Pick-Up Truck, 6 inch Van
1283 Christmas Elves Group 1
1284 Christmas Elves Group 2
1287 Snowman Conehead
1290 Circus-Wagon Toy Chest
1291 A Freight Car Toy Chest
1292 A Truck Toy Chest
1300 Upholstered Chair
1301 Upholstered Chair
1302 Bachelors Chair
1303 Wall Mounted Desk
1304 Double Sofa Section
1305 A Modern Chair and Foam Rubber Cushions
1307 Trestle Desk
1308 Outdoors Play Gym
1309 Childs Resort Adirondack Chair
1310 Childs Picnic Table
1314 Birdhouses - Build This Castle in the Air
1316 Picturesque Twenty-Room Martin House
1318 Barn Birdhouse
1319 Bookcase Desk
1321 Modern Chair
1322 Potty Chair
1322 A Record Storage Cabinet (formerly No. 249)
1327 VCR Video Casette Storage Cabinet
1330 A Modern Bookcase Is Easy To Build (matches with 1331)
1331 A Corner Desk Suggests A Bookcase Each Side of It (matches with 1330)
1335 Wall Clock (no specific name given)
1336 Grandfather Clock with Break-arch Dial
1338 Large School Clock
1340 Storage Unit for Play or Utility
1341 Cambridge Grandmother Clock Case
1347 Colonial Cradle
1348 Quilt Stand
1352 Early American Hutch
1352 China Hutch Cabinet
1353 Cheval Tilting Mirror
1355 Early American Trestle Table
1357 High Back Early American Bench
1358 Breakfront Bookcase
1359 Unique Martin Condominium
1361 Four Post Bed
1362 A Lighted Garden for your Home
1364 Elegant Armoire 36 x 77 x 16 inches
1367 Colonial Cobbler Bench Coffee Table (formerly 1106)
1369 Sectional Wall Unit Bookcase
1376 Early American Chair Valet
1377 Barn Toy Chest
1380 Barn Shed
1382 Entertainment Center
1393 Dump Truck Toy Chest
1396 Spring Mount (child spring mounted rocking horse)
1397 Turtle Rocker with Rumble Seat
1400 Mobile Power Tool Stand
1412 Wall Mount Gun Cabinet (revised)
1413 Elegant Gun Cabinet
1417 Curio Cabinet
1463 Four Wooden Toys
1476 Stow and Stroll Stoller
1502 Curio Table
1509 Cupola in Three Sizes
1511 Distinctive Cupola
1512 Hope Chest with Drawers
1514 Hope Chest
1515 Magazine Rack
1517 English Park Bench
1519 Stepping Stools
1525 Antique Washstand
1527 Pierced Tin Pie Safe
1578 Potting Bench
1582 Insulated Dog House with deck
1590 Build A Barn Mailbox
1610 Round Tree Seat
1615 Picnic Table Convertible Bench
1616 Redwood Lawn Lounge Chair with Arms
1621 Comfortable Lawn Bench with Arms
1622 Build a Roomy Redwood Settee
1623 Outdoor Sette Bench
1628 Roll-Away Picnic Table and Benches
1636 Barn Style Dog House
1662 Barn Building
1666 Build A Big Barn
1670 Little Red School House
1673 Picturesque Garden Gazebo
1674 Gazebo with Cupola Top
1676 Picnic Table Shades and Shelters
1678 Chalet Playhouse
1691 Garden Gazebo
1692 12 Ft Gazebo
1701 Donkey Cart Planter
1702 Pixie Cart Planter
1722 Swan Rocker
1748 Contoured Lawn Chair
1749 Adirondack Chair and Table
1751 Deacons Bench
1797 Drummer Boy
1800 Space Saving Bookcase
1803 Double-Duty Desk
1804 Six Sided Picnic Table
1808 Williamsburg Doll Cradle
1820 English Birdhouse
1836 Triangular Tree Seat
1837 Treeless Tree House
1850 TV Serving Tray and Tables
1891 Longfellow Cradle
1900 Wagon Seat Coffee Table
1910 Colonial Mirror Framing with Cabinets
2091 Christmas Reindeer and Sleigh
2104 A Cool Cradle For Baby
2122 Merchant Desk
2125 Poker Table
2145 Puppet/Marionette Theater
2154 Four Distinctive Cupolas
2180 Sewing Cabinet with Bin
2245 Settle Bench
2246 Mission Style Tables
2248 Hutch Bench
2249 Glider Deck Bench
2260 Sewing Table
2315 A 15 Room Martin House
2318 Martin Mansion with 16 rooms
2355 Trestle Style Dining Table with Benches
2373 Futon Sofa Bed with Table
2508 Early American Planter
2712 Lutyens Garden Bench
2789 An Octopus Rocker for the Children
2910 Corner Cabinet
2911 Corner Cupboard
3059 Farmhouse Dollhouse
3060 San Francisco Dollhouse
3192 Rocking Horse that does not balk
3194 Rocking Horse with safety wheels
3195 Dinosaur Rocking Horse
3196 Traditional Rocking Horse
3299 Mission Furniture Set
3300 Circus Toy Chest
3621 Trestle Cradle
5131 Saltbox Shed
5132 Gable Roof Shed
5133 Contemporary Shed
5170 Bi-Level Deck
5172 Deck with Trellis
5190 Arched Bridge - 3 sizes included
5520 Gable Roof 2 Car Garage
5525 Gambrel Roof 2 car Garage with Loft
5533 3 car Garage with Loft
5585 2 Car Garage with Loft
6235 Race Car Bed
7038 Adirondack Resort Furniture Set
7081 Gradeful Lawn Reindeer
7140 Santa, Sleigh and Reindeer
7650 Lawn Chair with Cushioning
S-40A Stencil - Railway Passenger Car
S-40B Stencil - Railway Locomotive and Coal Car
S-41A Stencil - Railway Cargo Hauler
S-41B Stencil - Railway Caboose
S-47A Stencil - Squirrel
S-47B Stencil - Cardinal
S-48A Stencil - Bird
S-48B Stencil - Bird Bluejay
S-50A Stencil - Bird
S-50B Stencil - Goose
S-60A Stencil - Elephant
S-60B Stencil - Tiger
S-64A Stencil - Dog
S-64B Stencil - Rabbit
S-65A Stencil - Horse with spots
S-65B Stencil - Sitting Cat
S-66A Stencil - Deer Fawn
S-66B Stencil - Rooster
S-68A Stencil - Flower
S-68B Stencil - Flower Motif
S-69A Stencil - Flower Motif
S-69B Stencil - Flower Motif
S-70A Stencil - Flower Motif Border
S-70B Stencil - Flower Motif Border
S-71A Stencil - Flower in Pot
S-71B Stencil - Baker Silhouette
S-75A Stencil - Gringo resting against cactus
S-75B Stencil - Fruit motif
S-80A Stencil - Sailboat on water
S-80B Stencil - Sailboat in moonlight
S-81B Stencil - Anchor and rope
S-81B Stencil - Fish
S-82A Stencil - Frog on lilly pad
S-82B Stencil - Stork
Stencil - Little Bo Peep and Sheep
Stencil - Child with Dog
ER-415-236 Pioneer Corner Cabinet (#293)
IR-52-11 A Wall Desk (#718)
IR-52-40 Ten Projects for Fishermen
IR-53-11 Tennis Table
IR-53-36 3 Different Birdhouses
IR-54-40 BArbecue For Patio or Lawn
IR-54-68 Modern Coffee Table (#263)
IR-55-35 Storage Chest
IR-56-19 Telephone Wall Shelf
IR-59-26 1910 Buick Weathervane
IR-61-26 Completed Telephone Hutch
IR-67-25 Tilt-Front Record Cabinet